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Logo design is an important part of branding, and central to projects we work on. Here is a collection of logos we designed.

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Hey Noodles

A chain of Chinese restaurants dedicated to serving the most authentic flavours of Sichuanese cuisine, especially Xiao Mian.

Superfine Wordmark

Woodgreen Innovation Lab

A catalyst for the evolution of social services in Toronto.

Woodgreen Innovation Lab Wordmark


A restaurant group dedicated to introducing innovative food and entertainment concepts to North America, inspired by popular Chinese dining experiences.

Superfine Wordmark

Divine Dumplings

A new Toronto-based restaurant offering out of this world delcious dumplings.

Divine Dumplings Logo

Random Trivia Generator

A fun, user-friendly trivia app that can entertain for days with over 17,000 questions in six categories.

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Random Trivia Generator logo

The Design Clinic

An event series for entrepreneurs who want to understand and use design to build their business.

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The Design Clinic logo

Harbor & Hill

A digital diary of a couple travelling the globe and sharing their best travel tips along the way.

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Harbor & Hill logo

Wolfe Interior Design

A renowned interior architecture and design studio in Toronto.

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Wolfe Interior Design logo

Momo Case

A fashion accessory brand that specializes in durable and fashionable smartphone accessories.

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Momo wordmark

Jenn Kitagawa

A creative professional with a multidisciplinary background in art and design.

Jenn Kitagawa Monogram

Puffy Love

A Toronto-based company whipping up bespoke marshmallow treats.

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Puffy Love Logo


A group of restaurants that offer exceptional plant‑based dining and take‑out experiences.

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Grasshopper Logo


A Twitter bot that adds emotion to your tweets.

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Feelbot Logo

Happy Hearts

An event planning and styling consultancy that creates unforgettable romantic experiences.

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Happy Hearts Emblem

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