Harbor & Hill Logo

Harbor & Hill Logo

We designed a logo for Harbor & Hill—the digital diary of a couple travelling the globe and sharing their best travel tips along the way.

Branding, Social Media Content

Harbor & Hill logo


We were asked to create a minimalistic logo that would be distinguishable on a small scale, since Instagram is the client’s primary platform for promoting their content. The direction was to create a literal representation of the name by creating an icon that merged the visual of the sea and mountains. The elements of the emblem unite to create the landscape, in a sense representing the union of the couple embarking on this adventure.

Sketches and Layout

Because the project was set on a tight deadline, we created some quick sketches to explore the look and feel, typography, and layout style that would best fit the client's aesthetic, since Harbor & Hill is a very personal travel diary.


Once we determined the direction that we wanted to take, we used a few sketches as a starting point and started designing variations of logos based on the same aesthetic. Our focus was to showcase layout variety as well as the different levels of detail.


Once we chose the composition and typeface, we began refining the logo’s details. We adjusted the spacing of the type and the angles of the waves and the mountains to make the logo work in the very limited space of the Instagram avatar. We also explored variations of colour based on the client’s brief, but the exploration resulted in a black-and-white palette.


In most cases, the emblem appears appears by itself, since the logo is applied on platforms in which the brand name always appears in the platform anyway.

Social Content

To announce the brand to Harbor & Hill’s growing Instagram audience, we created a series of posts using the client’s existing content as a backdrop.

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